The Digital Learning Journal

IMG_0225The process of blogging has brought up some interesting stresses for me in the form of self reflection and creating things like learning journals.  The digital form of the learning journal has been no less arduous than the written one.  However, now that I am five posts in, I am seeing the light.  Blogging is a place where I can extend my ideas and, as Heide Estes (2012) puts it, where I can “write and think out loud” (Estes, 2012, Introduction section). I am also aware that, because my blog is public, I have a responsibility as well with what I post. Learning to write concisely, respectfully and a bit more formally can be helpful here in my blog as well as my academic submissions. Although I do ‘think out loud here’, the context of what I post will be different given each assignment and class.

So far my learning has been steep and I can’t begin to post it all. But what I have found with this digital learning journal that I am enjoying the process and that I will continue throughout my MA program. This journey will be epic and I don’t want to miss a thing!


Estes, H. (2012). Blogging and academic identity. Literature Compass, 9(12), 974-982. doi: 10.1111/lic3.12017


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